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Apr 2015


Responsive Visual Story Telling – The way to express your business

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Website is a non-negotiable factor for business, we all know that. Years ago it was a complicated task to create a website for your business. But now it has become the easiest thing in the world of internet. And in this era and the future, it is all about creativity.

It is important to have a website, but a website “Expressing your idea or business” is the priority. Millions of people use internet and search for their needs. There are chances that they may or may not see your website, probably there is less chance unless there is something that really is matter to people. People need information on their fingertips and you have got a small space or window (Which is your website) to grab their interest.

There are two question that every people with a website should check. Well, it is important for the people who wish to get a website done for them too!!

Q1. Does your website really attract customers’ attention?

Q2. How much time will you expect them to spend on your website?

The more attractive the website, more visitors you get and the more time they spend, more the chances for a business. So it is important to keep the customer engaged and make sure that they get the idea or information that we need to express. For the same, how it can be done via the space of a web window??

“Responsive Visual Story Telling”

This is an experimented technology and no doubt it will be a trend by the end of this year. Many big companies adopted this method and successfully converting visitors to customers. There is a warning too. Using these technology only when you have product or proper idea to express, because it’s the best way to do that and it is useless if you don’t have something to showcase.

The wording   “responsive storytelling” is not a new thing.  It was first coined In 2012 by a creative evangelist named Denise Jacobs. He was referring to cross-platform and mobile-readable story telling. The idea is to make a website that will capture the visitors attention and guide the visitor through an interactive flow of facts and convey your idea. 

Let’s go through some examples

Take a look at these website given below and understand how these websites will attract your attention, hold you right there and compel you to scroll down through their website

1. Life Of Pie 

Life of Pie


2. The BoyCoy Website 

boy coy website

3. Hot Dot

Hot dot



Numero Website



cyclemon website

Now it’s Your Turn to decide

If you really need any help in this, don’t feel bad to contact Us . Write to us : info@zixent.in

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