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Apr 2015

Help Nepal

How Can You Help Nepal, Act Now

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This is the perfect time, Nepal is in danger and the people needs our help. We may be wondering how we can help them sitting at your home or office which is very far from the destination . Be the part of the rescue missions and help the people of Nepal. So many people are interested but still they don’t know how to .  Here are few ways how we can help them

Contribute to humanitarian hot map

Kadmandu Living Labs

Any people in the world  can use  free OpenStreetMap maps available online , Routing services or even put the Map on their Smartphone. For a disaster  like this Nepal earthbrake, people who contributes from around the world more rapidly  digitize the data from satellite imagery to support the humanitarian organizations that deploy to the affected countries.
And the  goal  of this project is to ” contribute to humanitarian relief by rapidly providing a detailed and accurate map (i.e., road network, villages, buildings, etc.) to support the humanitarian organizations. These services help locate people at risk efficiently, and facilitate the delivery of goods and services to remote areas.”

Here are the links to the pages and help building the maps

Humanitarian Open StreetMap

Task Page

The Humanitarian Data Exchange

You can help by sharing data about the people you know in Nepal . Please find the link here 

Donate money to the right hands

Donate Money

There will be many frauds collecting money in the name of Nepal, so be sure that you donate to the right people or organization. Here are few helps through which you can donate money

  • The Govt of India Prime Minister’s Relief Fund – Donate – Here
  • Habitat for Humanity – Donate Here.
  • CARE – Donate Here.
  • The Gurkha Welfare Trust – Donate Here.
  • The Government of Nepal Welfare fund Here

Share People Information Through Google Person Finder

Google person finder

If you have any information regarding missing persons in Nepal , please inform via Google person finder. You can also search persons with Google Person Finder



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